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Concerts Across America

SEHKRAFT BEER GARDEN AND HAUS, 925 N Garfield Street, Arlington, VA 22201

SAVE THE DATE! Sunday Sept 25, 2016, 6:pm to 8:pm

Music will unite our country on Sunday, September 25 as Jackson Browne, Roseanne Cash, Marc Cohn and a myriad of artists across the U.S. rise up in concert from dawn till dark, coast to coast to remember the victims of America’s gun violence epidemic.

You can join in the national Concerts Across America to End Gun Violence locally with a concert featuring

Jeff Smith and the Human Wilderness


performing at the fabulous SEHKRAFT BEER GARDEN AND HAUS 925 N Garfield St. Arlington, VA 22201

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Smith is a performing singer songwriter whose songs have the story telling of country/folk music, and the feel of the blues and rock n' roll. His influences and inspiration come from the works of of many including JJ Cale, Chris Smither, Randy Newman, Raymond Carver and John Lee Hooker as well as many great "local" singers, friends and musicians.
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The New collection of songs will be available in August of 2016. Tentatively entitled "Humphrey Piedmont's Revelation Well". It's a dozen or so songs recorded at The Jam Room. Produced by myself and Ron Rice and features performances by Steve Cooper, Steve Brigida, Kirby Yarborough, Rob Flint and Peter Bonta.