1. You
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You showed me the well
Made me pull the bucket up
Put the ladle up to my mouth
Made me drink it up
When I came to the stars
Looked like they were falling
And you were nowhere
When I was calling you.

You on your broken bike
Headed downtown
I met you by the river
We flagged a motorboat down
You typing my poems
By the window in your room
Me dictating letting go
Of all of my balloons for you

How quickly you ran away
I thought I heard you say it's been nice
Knowing you

You told me a story
About an accident
A young boy and a girl
Who never knew what it meant
You took the little one
What did you do
Your mother said you ran away from him
I said no, she ran away from you

Well I waited for a letter
Some kind of nice word or sign
But I never heard from you