From the recording Up at the Late Night Moon

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Your Mother's Dog
©2017 JTSMusic SESAC

It was a year ago today
You ran out of my life
You did not even stop
To say goodbye.
As bitter as a biscuit
Soaking up the yellow snow
Folks thought it was funny
That I was the last to know

You won't hear no barking
No howling
No screeching tonight
Up at the late night moon
And for all those nasty things you said
And for kicking me out of bed
You've been forgiven
Though your mother's dog is dead

Well I will not say that I was not hurt
And you know I was there right till the end.
With a lot of long letters letters signed
Your best friend
Dark got dark and then got darker
I drank myself a pack of lies
One of those being that some, but not all,
dogs can fly


Some people think I did it for fun
Some people think and your mom is one
Who think I could've dialed back
On what I'd done.
But me and her we're OK now
I see her 'bout three or four times a year
I even trained her monkey
to fetch us beer