1. Ain't You Glad

From the recording "A Little Romance"


Ain't You Glad

I got one foot out the door I got one foot in
One foot says we gotta go Tthe other foot say let's do it again
I've got half a mind to stay here the other half don't know
The half that does the talkin’ Iis all mouth and no show

My wallet got stolen and then I got mugged
They took my watch and ring then they beat me up
Gridlock on the highway stitches in my lip
Man gave me the finger and my mind began to slip

Ain't you glad, you ain't me
Ain't you glad, you ain't me

I entertained a fantasy that had me aiming lasers
At every car around me and the rubber red necked gazers
Before the last picture and the red switch is thrown
A chemical short circuit and the fuses were blown
But in the warmth of the TV stiffening in a chair
I know nothing will happen and no one will find me there