From the recording "The Human Wilderness"

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Solo with a toy guitar that I bought for my nephew who was two at the time. I kept it and it unfolded over the years into something that kind of looks like a playable instrument but it isn't.


Me and My Daddy

Me and my daddy up at dawn
Diggin' for worms in our backyard
Stuffin' 'em into a coffee can
Fishin' poles in our hands.
I'm ten years old and I can't wait to go
Half a mile to the Ohio
It's like a jungle gettin' there
Trees and vines grow everywhere

Sittin' on the bank in the cool clean air
The better part of fishin' is to sit and stare
Hopin' to catch a big catfish
Rub his belly and you make a wish
Cause if that catfish meows at you
You got a good chance your wish come true
But if that catfish starts to grin
You could get cut on one of his fins

Black iron skillet and it's full of grease
Eat all the bacon that we please
The smell of the river and the tast of toast
Comes in a memory like a ghost
I'm out in the water up to my knees
Watchin' the barges from the coal companies
I'm so happy when the captain waves
I can hear the ship's whistle like it was yesterday