1. Flying

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Words & Music Sherry Stewart
Jeff Smith - Guitars, Vocal
John Werntz - bass
Marcy Cochran - fiddle
Sherry Stewart - mandolin back up vocal
Ron Goad - percussion

The Sunny@Midnight Band
Marcy Cochran-fiddle
John Werntz-bass and vocal*
Sherry Stewart-mandolin and vocal*
Ron Goad-percussion and vocal*
Jeff Smith-guitar and vocal

Recorded and mixed by Alex Van Woert
at Bias Recording Studios, Springfield VA
Produced and arranged by Jeff Smith



The days of my life they come and they go
Some go by quickly others pass slow
Some are bright pink others are blue
But there's nothing quite like the tangerine hue
That appears when I'm flying
Baby when I'm flying with you

Stardust and moonbeams dance on our skin
Warmed by the touch of soft solar winds
The stars up in heaven show us the way
It's a whole new perspective  when we're light years away
Whenever I'm flying
Baby when I'm flying with you

When I'm flying with you I'm over the moon
Out past the sun and the stars I see Saturn's bright rings
And many fine things whenever I'm flying with you

Into the ether Earth fades away
Farther we drift from gravity's sway
The cosmos is calling on Orphean harp
We follow the tune like a trail in the dark
Whenever I'm flying
Baby when I'm flying
Whenever I'm flying with you.