Is a line in the effervescently popular song "Your Mother's Dog" which became the name of this collection of songs. This record is a jam or like being at a house concert or party. What began as a get together of some people I had played with in some informal performances began to feel like what I had hoped it might be, a chance to record some new songs and recast some older songs in a new setting. We started out with "The Crawdad Song", a song that looms large in my personal history and has a good roll to it. I was hoping that we'd be able to get a vibe or a groove more than say a perfect take. I wanted more of a "field recording" kind of feel. I liked the combination of instruments as well as the country/folk elements swirling around in the soup. 

 This was a no stress project. What I'm writing, trying to describe this experience, is more difficult than the recording, mixing, and the mastering of it was.   

Come out to the gigs when you can, bring a friend, it's times like these we need to sing, be with friends and whoop and holler.  

I hope to see you soon. 


May 18th, I opened for the BIG TOUR, that featured Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon and Styx at Jiffy Lube Live (Nissan Pavillion). It was a blast, and the Live Nation crew made me feel appreciated and welcome. Had to drive West on 66 on a Friday afternoon which is the drag time out of DC but we were moving at a good clip and I made it out to Bristow in 40 minutes.
On the way out I got a call from my publisher and he said that my song Hideaway Rockin' was going to air on Lifetime Network's "Army Wives".
So it was good day. There are some pics from the concert elsewhere on the site.

September 2012, Great House Concert in Fairfax Virginia.
Jean and Tim opened their home up to a lot of friend and music fans.  It was catred by a pro chef, a groovin brawl of a jam in Tim's music studio afterwards and a sunrise observation over the lake were more highlights of a great evening! Video was taken and put on dvd by Tim and we are trying to determine if the performance is good enough for public viewing.

September also had another chapter of Stories on Wood Steel and Ivory at the Falls Church Art Space.

The songs "You" and "Never Wanted You To Go" still on The Young and Restless in US and in 22 countries world wide.

November 2012, Opal Automobiles is using "I Never Wanted You to Go" in one of their tv commercials airing in Germany!

Beautiful house concert in Damascuss Va along the "Crooked Mile"