The Human Wilderness String Band is a different set up that I have ever done before. I wanted to have acoustic instruments and I wanted to have players that could pick up on a vibe and with whom I had some experience with.  I had previously worked with these people on different bandstands and hell even in a Folk Opera, and we get along! It is a great joy to make music with these folks. Let me introduce you them.

Marcy Cochran plays fiddle and mandolin and is quick to pick up an idea and run with it as well as coming up with her colorful solos and riffs. She was also the main ace in the popular acoustic band 'Dead Man's Hollow'. She also has the biggest and most winning smile of us.

Ron Goad is a mainstay in the Washington Music Scene hosting many many show and playing on over 100 albums. He's got a sure touch and a good feel for propelling a song and his back up vocals add good color and support.

Niels Jonker, that is to say, Citizen Niels,  because I was there at the ceremony when he became a citizen courtesy of Mr Toad's wild ride through the outskirts of DC. Niels is a bass ninja, playing support with everyone that walks into the Reston Herndon Folk Club.

We made a great spirited CD in 2017  called "Up At The Late Night Moon". It's meant to be a "play along with" collection.