Hey, welcome to my website. I'm Jeff Smith and i write songs that are the stories of country and folk music with the feel of  blues and rock n' roll. I have been inspired by the works of  J.J. Cale, Randy Newman, Raymond Carver, John Lee Hooker, Mark Strand, Lightnin' Hopkins and a great many "local" singers, artists, friends, musicians and his family, who continue to be sources of wonder and inspiration. 

I perform around the Washington DC area where there is a cruise ship load of talent. You might think it is a music town with all the performers that are here.

Anyway back to the songwriting. I don't always write easy songs but I do try to make them interesting and put some rhythminto them. I enjoy the process of writing and recording them. I record a lot of my music in my makeshift studio by myself but I also enjoy playing and recording with other people. I love how songs are like containers of information and emotion and how they can be unpacked in different ways.  

Come on in check out some sights and sounds. I'm hoping you'll get a feel for what I'm doing and grab some songs and come out to a gig sometime. It would be great to see you

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On a good night the stories and songs ride on top of a funky kind of country blues pop stomp.”